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Barbara Latterner, BSN, RN, IBCLC

Barbara Latterner IBCLC at Connecticut Childbirth and Women's Center

A 1970 graduate of Creighton University with a bachelors in nursing, Barbara worked in pediatrics and psychiatry at the beginning of her professional career. Able to practice her mothering career full time when her second child was born, she developed a passion for helping mothers and babies with breastfeeding through her involvement with La Leche League.

She prides herself on being a strong advocate for babies and their needs, speaking up for those who cannot speak. The opportunity to offer gentle guidance on breastfeeding, as well as mothering, and watch anxiety change to confidence is one of her greatest rewards.

Lactation Support Experience

Barbara joined the mother-to-mother support organization in 1984, she became a Leader for the group several years later, running groups in Ridgefield, CT and Putnam/Westchester, NY. for seven years. Volunteerism gave way to seeking a career as a lactation consultant. Barbara completed a lactation consultant training course and began private practice providing home visits as an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant in 1996.

A health fair mall encounter with Cathy Parisi, CNM, led to her involvement with the Connecticut Childbirth and Women’s Center, then, newly opened. Barbara began teaching prenatal breastfeeding classes and leading mother/baby support groups for the Birth Center in 1997, and began consulting there in 2010, providing pre discharge breastfeeding assistance, office visits for breastfeeding difficulties occurring at any age, and prenatal assessments relating to possible breastfeeding issues. Barbara remains a passionate advocate of breastfeeding not only for its importance to the health of mother and baby, but also for the experience in nurturing, intimacy and healing it provides.

In the community...

Barbara, whose favorite hobbies are reading and writing, lives in Brewster, NY with her husband, Chris, a Social Worker, and is the mother of three grown, breastfed daughters, and four breastfed grandchildren.