Jenna Hutchens MSN, FNP-C, CNM


Jenna's journey to midwifery began years ago. She first worked with mothers as a postpartum doula and later, as a labor support doula. Her passion for women's health has led her career path.

In 2005, Jenna decided to become a nurse midwife, and earned her ASN in nursing in 2007. She was quickly hired as an ER nurse at Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital in New York City where she thrived in her role. In 2013, Jenna began her studies at Frontier Nursing University (FNU) where she first earned her family nurse practitioner degree in 2016. After this masters degree, Jenna pursued a post-graduate certificate in midwifery, also at FNU.

Midwifery Experience

Before graduating from FNU as a midwife in 2017, Jenna worked with women in various roles. As a nurse, she became certified as a sexual assault forensic examiner where she was able to work with women (primarily) victims and guide them through the difficult process of evidence collection. Before earning her advanced degrees in nursing, Jenna worked for many years as a homebirth midwife's assistant attending births in New York City. This model of care is close to her heart, but she wanted a broader knowledge base from which to provide care. Her specialty as a family nurse practitioner allows her to provide holistic care for women at all stages of life.

"Absolutely amazing experience! Jenna was a constant presence of calm and safety during my birth."


"I am so happy I switched my care to you mid-pregnancy and wish I did it earlier. I am so touched and blown away by the level of care I received not only during pregnancy but after as well. The midwives went above and beyond to calm my fears during my labor and even held my hand - I know I wouldn’t receive that level of compassion anywhere else. You can never get your pregnancy or birth experience back, and the birth center made it special and amazing. Thank you to all the incredible midwives, nurses and staff - I am so thankful for you all!"

Sarah L.

In the community...

Jenna is very crafty and in fact, a talented and wonderful potter. In her spare time, Jenna loves to hike, cook, sew, knit, and make jewelry.