Sarah Branson CNM, MSN

Sarah Branson, CT CNM

“To be a midwife means to listen to your clients. I believe people have innate wisdom about their bodies. During pregnancy and birth people are called upon to listen to their bodies even more closely. By pairing that wisdom with the expertise and experience of a midwife, families will be able to travel the path to bring forth their children in an empowered and satisfying way, whatever path birth takes.”

Sarah has always embraced the idea that birth is a normal physiologic event, but also a watershed life event that should be treated with reverence. This belief became her vocation path when she answered the call towards midwifery over 30 years ago after giving birth to her oldest son in a free-standing birth center in Oregon with a nurse midwife, then birthing her daughter and younger son at home in Michigan with a talented and skilled community midwife.

Midwifery Experience

Sarah began her midwifery career as an apprentice with her own midwife and had the honor of attending her midwife as she gave birth. Soon thereafter, she received her nursing degree from Ferris State University in Michigan, working first as a medical-surgical and then a labor and delivery nurse. She enrolled in a cutting-edge (for the time) program called CNEP, Community Based Nurse-Midwifery Education Program, through what is now Frontier Nursing University graduating in 1994 with her Master of Science in Nursing. She has practiced in a hospital-based practice, as a home-birth midwife and now as a birth center midwife. Sarah was also fortunate to attend births while teaching overseas both in Brazil and Japan.

In the community...

Sarah lives in Mystic, Connecticut with her husband and their geriatric dog and cat. Their three children are spaced around the hemisphere in New Jersey, Los Angeles and Curitiba, Brazil. They have five loving and loud grandsons that are their joys. Sarah enjoys running, hiking, boxing and is currently writing her first novel.