Ximena Rossato-Bennett MSN, FNP-C, CNM


Ximena's journey to midwifery began in 1998 when she was pregnant with her first child and planning a birth center birth in NYC, NY.

The comfort and familiarity of midwifery care felt instinctively right for her as she comes from a family with several home and birth center births - including her youngest sibling. The normalcy of birth had never been a question, but her midwives were role models and the spark of her career journey.

Ximena was born in Cordoba, Argentina and moved with her family to Miami, FL in 1982. She  settled in New York City in 1996 where she met her husband and has lived in the Lower East Side ever since. Her son is in college at SUNY Buffalo and her daughter is almost done with high school. For the time being, Ximena is enjoying living 50% of the time in CT and looking forward to moving permanently in 2019.

Midwifery Experience

Ximena attended the Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing at Mt. Sinai in NYC and graduated with her ASN in 2007. She worked as a nurse in the emergency department, surgical intensive care unit, and hospice. She started her studies at Frontier Nursing University (FNU) in 2013 and obtained her master's degree in nursing with a specialty as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) in 2016 and her post-graduate certificate in midwifery (CNM) in 2017.

Throughout her clinical career, Ximena has been focused on holistic care of the entire family with a special interest in women's health and reproductive rights. As an ER nurse, she trained as a sexual assault forensic examiner and cared for victims of sexual abuse utilizing her doula experience to support her patients during this hard time. The midwifery model of care has always guided her approach to families and their health.

Now, Ximena is excited and honored to be working as a midwife in a birth center where she believes midwifery care can best be provided. The added bonus of delivery privileges at Danbury Hospital expands the birthing options of women in her care. She is looking forward to growing as a midwife here and meeting the families of her new community in CT.

"We couldn't be more grateful for your amazing support and deep care in the birth of our daughter"

"Thank you for the most beautiful birth experience. We will never forget that weekend and all you did. It would have been impossible without you. Thank you!"