A twin birth with the midwives

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My experience with CT Childbirth and Women's Center for our twins' birth could not have been any better.  The midwives there were just amazing. During my pregnancy they gave me support in more ways than one. They made me feel like I was a super power. That I was this incredible being that was growing two more super powers. Not only that but their support before I got pregnant during my miscarriages and then their encouragement to get further help really helped us to make the best decisions for our family.

Even though I had to birth my twins in the operating room due to my high risk pregnancy, my midwife was next to me holding my hand, talking me through everything that was happening, standing up for me when all the busy people in the room weren't listening to me. She was constantly telling me how strong and amazing I was.

And then after their birth, the midwives were there for me when my no sleep, NICU bound body couldn't take much more - she gave me all the tools and advice I needed to get better in order to take care of my 2 little girls and their big sister moving forward. Then it was the turn of the lactation specialist who worked hard to get those two little mouths fed from my exhausted body.

So, the birth center is not a place that you receive just great medical care. It's an all round experience. It's like a family and they make you feel part of it. They give you advice, comfort and investment. We love CT Childbirth and Womens Center!! And so will you.

Gillian and Edgar, Twins born 2012

twin birth with the midwives at connecticut childbirth and women's center

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