Birth Control & Family Planning

Did you know that as Certified Nurse Midwives we are able to support your birth control needs? Birth control is any method that you choose to use to prevent pregnancy. There are many different options available today and it is important to choose one that is right for you, your lifestyle and your partner. A method that you are comfortable with will make it more likely that you will use it consistently and properly.

Your midwife can help you decide how you can take control of your ability to safely prevent pregnancy until you are ready to conceive. Whether or not you decide to have children is a very personal decision and we are here to help you. As specialists in reproduction, we can provide information and access to all forms of pregnancy prevention.


Contraceptive Counselling

We want to help you decide what the best pregnancy prevention method is for you and your partner. Some methods require a physical examination, prescription or procedure. Others are available over the counter or require only information and teaching. Whether you are sexually now or just thinking about needing birth control; the time is right to call and schedule an appointment to see a midwife.

Non Hormonal Barrier Methods

Male condoms
Female condoms

Hormonal Methods

Birth control pills
Vaginal ring

Transdermal patch


Long Acting Contraceptives


Natural Methods

Lactational Amenorrhea
Ovulation Method
Rhythm method

Emergency Contraception

Morning After Pill

Permanent Methods

Tube Tying

Take charge of your fertility and birth control!